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May 2014

The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus

As an artistic response to our sermon series on The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus, resident artist and Redemption Hill Church member William Godwin crafted the following piece:
The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus
From the artist:

“During the introduction to the sermon series Pastor Robert gave a couple of weeks ago, I latched onto an idea from John 17:9-12 of the gospel as a feast, or meal, being spread before his people to share in. A banquet that has been bought and paid for by Jesus, who now invites people of all kinds to partake in this feast. So I set out to create a meal, but I didn’t want this meal to have any cultural ties, so the food became abstracted for me, and began to represent people all nationalities who were being summoned to this banquet table. The background color represents the unifying factor of the piece, which is the gospel that sanctifies and summons us all to this table, regardless of our backgrounds. The great host of this feast (Jesus), who is in prayer over us, is then represented by the direct light source I used from above, which encompasses all his people in this warm, dense, and expansive atmosphere.”


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