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May 2009

How Much Are You Like Your Kids?

The RH Kids’ Community Group was discussing a recent Sunday’s sermon on Matthew 13:44, and they answered the questions, “What is the most valuable thing or person to you?  What do you think you need? What can you not live without?”

See how much their answers mirror the answers you would have given.  These were their heartfelt answers (not trying to guess the “right” answer.)

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. My pets
  4. My baby (sister)
  5. My grandparents
  6. My gifts and abilities (drumming, singing)
  7. Financial security
  8. My body

Pretty much like your answers, right?  And mine.  But I could add even more to the list.  I couldn’t do without my eyesight, my hearing, my physical strength, my life… heck, I probably couldn’t do without my computer.

Our group challenge came as a quote from the sermon:  “Whatever you find most valuable will control your heart.  We’re after hearts and souls that treasure the gospel.” In other words, we’re in a battle in our minds and hearts to see the riches of the gospel as all the magnificent words we could use about God: infinite, eternal, unchangeable, magnificent, grand, holy.  God’s good news is infinite, eternal, unchangeable, magnificent, grand and holy.

If my life recentered on the truth of the gospel, perhaps I would trust God no matter what happened to my family, talents, health…and even if I lost my internet access for a really long time.



Raymond Goodlett

May 26 2009 Reply

I was so embarrassed by the extent to which I was bent out of shape the other day when I lost my internet access at home for an ENTIRE DAY! Can you imagine that? A whole day. May the Lord help me to grow in his grace much more quickly than I seem to be growing.

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