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May 2009

How Much Do I Treasure the Gospel

I was really struck by something that Robert said in the sermon this past Sunday. The
essence of it was this:

If we truly treasure Jesus and the riches of the gospel above all else, then, by Godʼs
grace, we can find the strength of heart to bring our children up in front of the church
one day and, perhaps, send them off to parts of the world where people literally die as
martyrs for proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ.

As a father of two young girls, that was tough for me. To some degree, I feel like I have fallen in
love with that deadly and unbiblical version of Christianity that promises us and our children a
safe life. What if my daughters Keira and Briana decided later on that God had called them to
give their lives in service among the unreached peoples of the world? Would I be able to kiss
them goodbye, knowing that it may be the last time that I see them on this side of eternity? Do I
treasure Jesus and the gospel that much?

Thank God for the Bible and for the stories of past and present Christian missionaries who
embraced the call to risk their lives for the sake of the gospel! They remind me that my life is
not my own. They remind me that my children belong to God. They rescue me from following
the “Jesus” who understands Americans and is willing to negotiate with us when we insist upon
being exempt from the dangers that often accompany a life of faithfulness to the One who said,
“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…”

Think about it: Where would we be today if God had so prioritized the safety of his Son that he
shielded Jesus from us? And what will become of the approximately 1.6 billion people who
have never heard the gospel if we shield our children from them?


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