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Apr 2011

I Gave My Life to Christ – Grace Story

On Tuesday March 29, I was in the Dining Hall at the University of Richmond with Dave, a member of Redemption Hill, when Daniel Fairley walked up. Daniel was with us at Monday Night Gospel the night before and he said, “I’m glad I ran into you guys. I have something that I need to tell you.”

Honestly, I was expecting to hear something about some particular sin that he was struggling with, but instead he said, “Last night, after Bible study, I gave my life to Christ!” Of course, I wanted to know much more, so I asked Daniel some questions. His responses were really encouraging. He said that I could share them with you.

Q: Daniel, how would you describe your life and your level of commitment to Christ before Monday night?

“Before Monday night my level of commitment was little to none. I would attend church (only if I was up on Sunday morning or if I had someone forcing me to get up). I would attend your bible studies. I enjoyed them a lot and felt like I got a lot out of them…and I am currently the Chaplain of my fraternity.”

Q: What happened on Monday night to change things for you? What did you hear or remember about Jesus that brought you to repentance?

On Monday night [after Bible study], my roommates and I were talking about…[our participation in lifestyles] that were obviously not pleasing in God’s eyes. And we [mentioned some alternatives that really didn’t address our real problem at all]. But throughout the conversation I kept hearing Matthew 4:4 “…It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word [that comes from the mouth] of God.”

After this “guy talk” God began to show me that I [had false gods in my life] and that the only thing that would truly make me happy had been staring me in the face all my life but I never reached out and grabbed it. So I decided to give my life to Christ.

Q: What changes have you noticed in yourself since Monday night?

[That night], I told two of my friends about [my decision to give my life to Christ] and they seemed happy for me. When I asked them if they wanted to join me, they respectfully declined, so I will continue to present them with the word [of God] and the great things God has done in my life and, hopefully, they too will see the light of Christ.

Today, I feel relief that I have never felt before. Just the relief of not trying to impress [people] by saying catchy things to gain their attention…I also found true joy when reading my Bible last night (probably the first time I decided to read my Bible without any outside influence) and joyfully discussing the word with [another Christian]…Now, I pray at random times of the day, just thanking God for all that he has done for me. It’s just an amazing feeling and I don’t know how I lived without Christ before!

David is currently helping Daniel to read his Bible, to count the cost of following Jesus, and to demonstrate his repentance and faith in baptism. Please pray for both of them.



Whit W.

April 6 2011 Reply

That’s awesome!!…What do the scriptures say about one sinner who repents/angels in heaven?

Johnathan Welch

April 8 2011 Reply

That is awesome.
Congratulations Brother.

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