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Oct 2009

Is Your Marriage Legal?
The Goodlett Family (Christmas 2008)

The Goodlett Family (Christmas 2008)

Yes. My marriage is legal…today. Ask me that same question 42 years ago, however, and I would have to say “No.”

I live in Richmond, VA and interracial marriages like my marriage to Heather were illegal here until June 12, 1967 when the Supreme Court handed down its ruling in the “Loving vs. Virginia” case.

Heather and I weren’t even alive when that battle was fought and won.  Yet every day, we enjoy the freedom that was won for us by somebody else, and the relationship now made possible through that victory.

And so, our interracial marriage gives us yet one more powerful reminder of the gospel.  We weren’t alive when Jesus went to the cross almost 2000 years ago, taking the stand in the case of God vs. sinners.  Yet every day, we enjoy the freedom that he has won for us, and the relationships with God and each other now made possible through his victory.



Michael Rones

July 12 2012 Reply

Man, do your thang!! Forget about everyone else. You have a beautiful family!!

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