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Dec 2013

Isaiah 9:1-7 | Spoken Word

Spoken Word Audio:

This spoken word piece on “Isaiah 9:1-7” was written by Derek Porter and recited at Redemption Hill Church on Sunday, December 15, 2013.

Isaiah 9:1-7

Woe to me,
For I am ruined
A man of unclean lips
And I come from a filthy people

Holy Holy Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was and is and is to come


In that moment
My Hope was here
My faith, realized

My magnificent obsession
Sat upon a throne high above me

Too vast
A chasm
To reach


His mighty arms of warm embracing
Lovely & amazing
Purely gracing protection

Caught red-handed
In a cookie jar of my own self-gratification

My desperation
Shouts of repentance
His omniscient eardrums
Not chasin’

My alloy hearted
The resounding gong
Rings in desolate places
Because I have no love
For the Author of All Creation

Just a desire to feel worthy

Yet with all my workin’

My heap of good works
Just slithered like a serpent

Around his gilded ankles
Seeking to strike His heel
I know you’ve been here before
I can sense the mass appeal

Pound #Real


In a terrible awe
I looked around
Up and down

See the earth
It ain’t worth

Next to the King-Creator
God who made it
He shaped us from dust and (inhale)
He gave me
Love (echo)

But I pushed it away
Like a geek mad at a bully
He no longer tolerates

Like a coward I ran away
Tried to hide from His goodness
Shot an arrow through my heart
So we call dat Robin Hoodness

Then I saw the Lord
Seated- Seated on high
My idols stand in His courts
Against me they testify

To my lusting,
Coveting the lives of other sinners

Their right, it’s true
I’m guilty as charged
I’ve delighted in my sin
Spiting a Holy God

Woe to my lips
Woe to my hands
Woe to my hips
Woe to the land

I looked back behind me
For some moral support
But the verdict came down
Guilty- Guilty is the World


Woe to me,
For I am ruined

Who will save me?
Who will rescue us?
From where will hope arise?

In this time of present darkness
With Evils utterly despised

The prophets preached
Of One who would redeem

John heralded from the wilderness
See, A better One comes after me.

Even in my vanity I muttered
This will NOT go on forever
God loves Us
He will show Himself victorious!

There will be a time
When Galilee of the Gentiles
Will be filled with Glory.
Glory as of the only Son of God

For the people who walk in darkness
Will see a Marvelous light
Upon those who live
In a land of deep darkness,
A light will shine.

This Light
Is Jesus Christ
In Him
We rejoice
As the starved delight in the harvest
As the slave in emancipation
As the rejected in acceptance

We too are brought near
Because God is with us

For unto us
A child is born
Unto us
A son is given
The government will rest on his shoulders.
And he will be called:

Wonderful Counselor,
Mighty God,
Everlasting Father,
Prince of Peace.
His government and its peace

Will never cease.
He will rule with fairness
Avid for justice from the throne of his ancestor David
The passionate commitment of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies
Will make this happen!

Breaks the yoke of slavery
Lifts the heavy burden from our shoulders.


You break the rod
Of the oppressor
By handing him your own body
And permitting it to be scarred
Beyond Recognition
But the cat of 9 tails
Could not tear away His vision

For there was JOY to be had
As He breathed His last

So Come, Oh Come Immanuel
And Ransom Captive Israel

Living the perfect life,
Your wore the boots of a warrior
Your every step was right

And when you return,
The bloodstained, battle weary uniforms will burn
Fuel for the fire
As we Behold
You making all things new

We hold tight to the promise
Because the Promise is holding us

The Word became flesh and
Dwelt among us

His Beloved Church,
Have seen His Glory,
The Glory of the Only Begotten Son,
Sent from the Father,
Full of grace and truth
In purity uniting us in Love

In communion with the Holy Spirit
May all praise be to God the Father
Through Our Lord Jesus Christ



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