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Jan 2010

It’s Official : Sunday Service is Canceled

There was no last minute call to make this time…today I recieved a phone call from the City of Richmond telling me that they are canceling all scheduled events in the city schools tomorrow. Richmond, along with Chesterfield County and Henrico County are locking down the schools on Sunday.

So, once again, take this opportunity as a gift of God’s grace enabling you to be a mission-minded ambassador in your neighborhood this weekend and practice the discipline of hospitality. Make a big pot of soup and/or hot cocoa and have your neighbors over…get to know the people that you usually just wave and smile at.

Don’t miss it…God is giving tangibly reminding us to be the church scattered throughout Greater Richmond.

(use the comments below to let us know how you used this great opportunity to be mission minded this weekend)



Raymond Goodlett

February 1 2010 Reply

We had a great time yesterday even though we didn’t get to gather with the rest of the church. We read Matthew 6 together in the morning. Keira got Bibles out for each of us. Briana listened for a few seconds and then started walking around and playing with her toys.

Then, in the afternoon, I met more of my neighbors than I had in the four years that I’ve lived here. As we helped to dig each other out of the snow, so many of us got to know each other a little bit. Keira even helped a little bit. She took up one of our little snow brushes and brushed snow off of our neighbors’ license plates. It brought smiles to so many people’s faces.

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