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Nov 2009

Jars of Clay (from Matt Bristol)

Greetings from Houston! Grace and Peace!

Betty and I are praying for all of you at Redemption Hill as we undergo this subchapter of our earthly lives in Houston.

We pray that God will continue to draw each of you to the fullness of His wonderful plan for the balance of your earthly lives—and that your surrender to His control will be complete and unconditional. That is the key to your being used by Him to produce fruit for His Kingdom.

This morning I was reading Paul’s second letter to the church at Corinth. In chapter 4, starting at verse 7, Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, referes to our fragile earthly bodies as “jars of clay,” that house the treasure we share as children of the living God and co-heirs with Christ.

Well, Betty’s jar of clay is being stressed now, but her spirits remain high and focused on Jesus, seeking to glorify Him and minister to others in His Name.

Please pray that her cancer has not spread in a significant way to her lungs or other parts of her body. She shared with me this morning that small blood specks were in the sputem that she was coughing up. Her lungs were already damaged from bacterial dysentry contracted while we served God overseas. The tumor seems to have fused with one of the lungs. We do the Pet Scan tomorrow. Please pray that when they do this test, that God will have chosen to have miraculously vaporized the tumor and healed the lungs, all at once—-and that God would be glorified and praised by many who now do not really know Him! Let it be!

This morning we had a very difficult procedure, when a catheter was inserted under her left collar bone. Pray that she will tolerate this well, that her pain will subside, and that the chemo that is set to begin Friday will not be more than her body can deal with.

We know that God is still in total control of all things, including her cancer. Please keep praying! We love and miss you all!

In His service, always


Gal 2:20


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