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Oct 2009

Jesus was cold last night…

Don’t believe me?  Matthew records Jesus saying that he is so close to us that when we ignore those who are naked, we are ignoring him.  Put that together with 1 John 4:20 and that’s a rap.  We are now officially under conviction to love God by caring for others.

One thing we can do with this conviction is to go through our winter clothes and blankets this week and pass some of them on to Jesus.  Bring the winter clothes and blankets you can spare to Holton on the next two Sunday’s (Oct 25 and Nov 1) and we will pass them onto to two folks at Redemption Hill: Wendy Shelton and Kirk Tower.  Wendy works tirelessly to serve our growing refugee population and Kirk ministers to the homeless in our city every weekend.  We’ll divvy up between them whatever you bring in and put in the foyer.  Here is more about their specific needs:

REFUGEES IN NEED OF WARM WINTER CLOTHING AND BLANKETS. Wendy Shelton is collecting winter clothing (heavy coats, sweaters, thermals, etc.) and blankets for refugees that are living at Colonial Apartments. All sizes kids through adults are needed—please no stains, no rips, no weird smells. We prefer that you wash the items before donating them. These people are from Bhutan, Myanmar, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Burundi, Kenya, and Afghanistan. Since most of them are from warmer climates, they are not prepared for the COLD that our Richmond winter will bring.

Kirk Tower is collecting “anything and everything,” he says.  Specific suggestions are hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, jackets, hand warmers… in any condition—and GRTC bus tickets are always needed.  Here is a link for the GRTC bus tickets:


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