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Dec 2009

Kids Drop Everything for Christmas

Our kids do love Christmas.  They look forward to Christmas parties, Christmas decorations, and Christmas presents.  But last week they dropped everything to take a couple of afternoons to invite other people to come to church with them around Christmas.

One of the kids grandmothers gave Redemption Hill the gift of 100 gift bags that could be used to invite people to church.  Two weeks ago the kids took time out of their busy homeschooling schedules to write out all the invitations to put in the bags.  And earlier last week, they went to hang the bags on doors in an area neighborhood.  Each bag contained an ESV New Testament, a free download of a study Bible, and an invitation to church.

They were full of glee as they ran down the sidewalks and jockeyed for the next turn hanging a bag on a door.  Anyone watching them would never believe how much these kids wished they could be doing their schoolwork instead. 🙂   But- as Christmas is a time for giving- they were learning to give of their time for an important reason.

This self-sacrifice (along with their sweet prayers for more people to come to church- especially for kids their ages) are an inspiring reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

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Harriet Vehrs

March 31 2010 Reply

interesting take on the subject, count me as a new subscriber!

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