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May 2009

Kids from Other Countries

In each Wednesday night Kids’ Community Group, we take time to focus on something mission-minded.  The past few times- and until the summer begins- we have focused on a different country each week where Christian kids are challenged because of their faith.  Our resource has been Kids of Courage where we learned first about Orissa, India and second about Pakistan.  The site provides interesting learning resources as well: we learned how to speak some Hindi words and then made a Pakistani dish called Tahfee.

This website provides easy-to-use resources for parents to especially teach children aged 5-14.  In teaching about kids “just like us” in different countries, we are aiming for a dual purpose: a recognition of the challenges children face in other countries because of their faith and a recognition that even in other cultures, kids really are a lot alike.



Raymond Goodlett

May 7 2009 Reply

Thank you so much for the update on the kids’ community group. It’s encouraging to know that our kids are being trained to be globally-minded Christians.

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