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Nov 2017

Kids Lesson Review – John 2:1-12 – The Wedding Feast


Here are some review notes from this week’s lesson in our preschool and K-4 classes. This week we studied John 2:1-12, The Wedding Feast.

This is lesson 7 of 78 in our study of the New Testament. This lesson corresponds with Story 85 in The Gospel Story Bible and with Week 7 of the Old Story New family devotional.

Gospel Truth for Today

Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine at a wedding feast. His greatest miracle was dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead so that we might one day all who believe in him may feast in heaven with him forever.

The Lesson In A Sentence

Jesus turns water into wine at a party, demonstrating that he is no ordinary man, but the Son of God.

Questions For Your Kids

Parents, we have provided some basic answers to the questions so that when your child inevitably says, “I don’t remember,” you can feed them some clues and help them recount the lesson.

Who all was at the wedding feast you learned about today?

Jesus, his disciples, Jesus’ mother, other family and friends, the master of the feast [probably a friend of the groom who was in charge of providing food and drink for the feast], and, of course, the bride and groom

What went wrong at the wedding?

They ran out of wine.

What did Jesus do?

He turned the water into wine.

What do we learn about Jesus when we see that he could take water and turn it into wine?

We learn that he is all-powerful and controls all things.

What do you think the disciples with Jesus thought about this?

The Bible tells us at the end of this story that the disciples put their faith in him.


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