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May 2012

Leading Your Children Toward Sunday Mornings

As we continue through this time of refining, refocusing, and relaunching RH Kids, we have a few tips to help parents prepare their children for Sunday mornings.

Pray with Your Kids

Pray together with your children in anticipation of our Sunday gathering. Set aside time Saturday night and Sunday morning to pray with them.

  • Pray for their (and your!) hearts to be soft and receptive, to be humble, honest and hungry for the Word of God at the gathered service.
Pray for their ears to hear and their minds to be attentive.
  • Pray God will use our time together 
to draw the hearts of many, including your children.

Talk about the Word of God

Read the Bible together with a view to stir up hunger for God.

John Piper said: “If the sermon is the meal, the appetizer is the portion of the Word that you meditate on Saturday night and Sunday morning. This is crucial. You need to cultivate spiritual taste before you come if you want to enjoy and benefit most from the meal of the Spirit. If your palate is worldly, you will have no taste for spiritual things, and will not hear as you ought. So “appetize” your heart by meditating on the Word of God Saturday night and Sunday morning. Plan it in. 
This is the way you “Take heed how you hear!”

Listen to the Music

The more familiar children are with the music we sing, the more easily they can engage. 
For this reason, we’ll be taking the summer to include some of the songs RH Kids have been learning 
and singing from The Village: Kids – Jesus Came To Save Sinners. This album teaches about the character and nature of God, and His plan to save sinners through Jesus Christ.

Prepare Your Children

Take time to explain to your children what our order of worship on Sunday looks like and 
what you expect of them. For their sake, aim to arrive unflustered and on-time and have them use the restrooms before service begins. Bring your Bible and have your children bring theirs, along with paper and pencil for taking notes or drawing pictures relevant to the sermon. Encourage your 
children’s listening skills with conversation about why we listen (to hear God’s truth) 
and a small, age-appropriate assignment to help engage them.



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