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Feb 2010

Lent: Take 2

Today marks the start of the second week of our Lenten Journey. Many of you have joined us on this journey and some of you have just lost track of time and would like a re-do.

Well, let Week 2 be a ‘take 2’ for you. Download the guide and join us starting this week. We’re all going to pick a food or a meal to fast from this week and as we do we’ll pay attention to ‘what is it like to begin to assert some mastery over your body. How does your body/mind respond to that? If you forgo a whole category of food, consider: What is it like to deny a craving? Is it easy or hard. How does that craving grow the more you deny it? Does it eventually become easier? Why?

We’ll also reflect through Scripture on the ideas of sin, rules (legalism) and judgment. But we don’t just reflect, we take our reflections and use the Lord’s Prayer as a guide to turn our reflections upwards and see how the gospel deals with what we discover about ourselves.

  • How does knowing God as a god dad affect what you saw about yourself in the days reflection?
  • How would wanting his glory in that situation change the way that you approached it? What is your reflection showing you about whose glory you’re after?
  • What needs to change for God’s glory and purposes to be achieved? What would it look like for His will to be done in what you have discovered?
  • What do you need for that to happen? What change of heart or perspective do you need? Do you recognize the presence of God’s Spirit and do you think that’s enough?
  • What thoughts, desires, temptations in this do you need deliverance from?
  • Where is confession, repentance, and forgiveness necessary here? To whom?

So, if you missed week 1, this is new week and a new opportunity to join us in the Lenten Season and by God’s grace, experience a ‘Springtime of Faith’.


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