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Sep 2018

Lesson Review – Acts 2:42-47 – New Believers


Here are some review notes from this week’s lesson in our preschool and K-4 classes. This week we studied Acts 2:42-47 – New Believers

This is lesson 46 of 78 in our study of the New Testament. This lesson corresponds with Story 124 in The Gospel Story Bible and with Week 46 of the Old Story New family devotional.

Gospel Truth for Today

The message of the gospel is effective to save and change sinful hearts.

The Lesson In A Sentence (or Two)

Through the preaching of the gospel, the Holy Spirit convicted men and women of their sin and lead them to repentance. The new followers of Jesus were filled with joy and graciously lived out their faith together.

Questions For Your Kids

1.How did God bless the early church?

God poured out his Spirit on the early church to give them faith. Through the apostles God
continued to perform wonders, bringing a sense wonder and awe to the people and helping them to understand that God was with them.

2. Why do you think the early church was so filled with joy?

Their joy came from being filled with the Spirit of God. The Spirit enabled them to understand the gospel—that they were forgiven because of Jesus’ death and that Jesus had risen. They realized that Jesus was the king they had always looked for.

3. What did the people do for each other?

They shared their things, prayed, and worshiped the Lord together.

4. How did their joy-filled lives affect those around them?

Acts 2:47 tells us that God continued to add to their number. So, as they lived lives joyfully dedicated to God and one another, people must have seen and asked why they were doing what they were doing. John 13:35 tells us, “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Praying Together – Pray with your child and ask God to fill you with the same love and joy that filled the early church!

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