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Mar 2018

Lesson Review – John 6:1-15 – Jesus Feeds the Multitude


Here are some review notes from this week’s lesson in our preschool and K-4 classes. This week we studied John 6:1-15 – Jesus Feeds the Multitude.

This is lesson 21 of 78 in our study of the New Testament. This lesson corresponds with Story 99 in The Gospel Story Bible and with Week 21 of the Old Story New family devotional.

Gospel Truth for Today

Jesus saw the need of the people for food and miraculously fed them bread multiplied to meet all their need. Jesus sees our need to be reconciled to God and he miraculously meets our need by giving himself in our place, for our sins.

The Lesson In A Sentence

Jesus provided for the hungry multitude to meet their physical hunger, but as the “Bread of Life” (John 6:36) Jesus provides for sinners in need of a savior.

Questions For You Kids

Why were so many people following Jesus?

Because Jesus was doing miracles and teaching like no-one they had ever heard. Everywhere he went, a crowd heard about it and started to follow him.

Jesus knew the people were hungry. What did he tell his disciples to do?

Feed the crowd.

Could the disciples do that?

No. There were too many people. All the disciples could find to feed them was a boy who had 5 loaves of bread and two fish.

So, what did Jesus do?

He prayed and told the disciples to start passing out the food. Everyone (thousands of people) got enough food to eat and they even had 12 baskets of leftovers.

The Bible has a nickname for Jesus. Did you learn it in class? What is it and what do you think it has to do with what you heard about from the Bible?

John 6:36 says Jesus’ nickname is “Bread of Life.” It means that there is something we need that is more important than food and that is to be right with God. Just like Jesus gave the bread to everyone who was hungry, he gives himself to take our punishment from God for our sin and he gives his perfect life to everyone who believes in him.

Permissions: You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material in any format provided that you do not alter the wording in any way and do not charge a fee. For web posting, a link to this document on our website is preferred. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by Redemption Hill Church. Some questions and wording may have been taken from the Gospel Story Curriculum.


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