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Apr 2019

Lesson Review – Philippians 3:3-21 – Keep Your Eyes on the Prize


Here are some review notes from this week’s lesson in our preschool and K-4 classes. This week we studied Philippians 2:1-11 – The Humility of Christ. This is lesson 69 of 78 in our study of the New Testament. This lesson corresponds with Story 147 in The Gospel Story Bible and with Week 69 of the Old Story New family devotional.

Gospel Truth for Today

Reconciliation with God through Jesus’s death in our place, for our sin, is the greatest “prize” and is worth giving our life to pursue—Not to “win” God’s favor, but because he has given us his favor in Jesus.

The Lesson In A Sentence (or Two)

Paul is encouraging those who have trusted in Jesus to “forget what lies behind” (whether it be religious good works to win God’s favor or outright rebellion and disobedience to God) and to keep their hope (their aim) set on the good news of Jesus and fellowship with him.

Questions for Discussion

Why do people run races?

People run races to prove they’re the fastest and to win the prize.

If there was a prize for winning a race, how fast would that make you want to run?

The more you wanted the prize, the faster you would run.

Does God want us to run in a “real” race?

No. The “race” is how we live our life.

Does God want us to run a race in order to “win” a chance to be with him?

No, because of our sin, we can never live a good enough life to fully please God. However, Jesus did and he died on the cross for our sins so that we could get his perfect record. God wants us to live in such a way that our lives show that Jesus is the greatest prize. Not so we can “win” our way into heaven, but because Jesus has already made the way for us.

Praying Together- Take time to pray with your child, ask God to help you live a life that shows how wonderful Jesus is.

Permissions: You are permitted and encouraged to reproduce and distribute this material in any format provided that you do not alter the wording in any way and do not charge a fee. For web posting, a link to this document on our website is preferred. Any exceptions to the above must be approved by Redemption Hill Church. Some questions and wording may have been taken from the Gospel Story Curriculum.


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