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Dec 2009

Little Globetrotters visit Venezuela

A long trek by air, bus, dug-out canoe, and foot took us to the Amazon jungles in Venezuela for our December missions event with the preschoolers and their parents.  Kelly Little showed pictures and told about visiting people in the jungles who had never heard the name of Jesus before.  When the children threw in their beanbags to say a “beanbag prayer” for the country, they prayed for clean water, plenty of food, and people to go preach to the children in the Amazon region.  Once again, the children took home a calendar to guide them in praying for Venezuela each day this month.

Below are some pictures from the Little Globetrotters event:




December 13 2009 Reply

Just looking at this makes me so excited to get back to Richmond and be a part of this with Lucy!!

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