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Feb 2015

Here Is Love | Him Who Saves

Here is love that conquered evil, Christ, the firstborn from the grave;
Death has failed to be found equal to the life of Him who saves.
In the valley of our darkness dawned His everlasting light,
Perfect love in glorious radiance has repelled death’s hellish night.

Here is love vast as the heavens, countless as the stars above,
Are the souls that He has ransomed, precious daughters, treasured sons.
We are called to feast forever on a love beyond our time,
Glorious Father, Son and Spirit, now with man are intertwined.
– Verse 3 and 4 of Here Is Love by William Edwards, Robert S. Lowry, William Rees, and Matt Gilles

As we look at verses 3 and 4 of this hymn, we continue to see how the love of God is demonstrated on our behalf. Verse 3 describes our grave and desperate condition as sinners and how the love of God addresses our deepest need. The Love that God has demonstrated in the person and work of Jesus is a love that doesn’t just conquer our feelings, or bypass and ignore our sins. This love actually conquers the evil and depravity that we are enslaved to. More than that, this love has defeated our greatest enemy: death, through the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. Because His death was in our place for our sins, our life has been saved through His indestructible life. God’s love shows its strength in that Death’s power could not match the power of the resurrected Jesus.

Furthermore, When our condition was one of spiritual darkness – when we blindly followed after the passions of our flesh and loved the murkiness of our own souls, Love displayed itself by shining the light of the grace of God into our darkened hearts, exposing our weakened and helpless situation and delivered us from sin’s blinding effects. Because of Love, we have been given life instead of death; light instead of darkness, and victory instead of defeat. The dreadful and horrible night of death has been overcome and beaten back by the powerful and radiant beams of God’s love.

Verse 4 again reminds us of the immensity of God’s love towards us. If this love were as the heavens there would be no searching for its end. If it were as the stars, there would be no number to limit it. One day this love will gather together all of its innumerable recipients, both precious daughters and treasured sons, from every tribe, nation, peoples and languages, before the throne of God where we will sing to our Lord about the grace that we will forever enjoy in Jesus. On this day, there will no longer be the limits of time, the threats of mortality, or the distractions of sin and this world. Our minds, our hearts, and our bodies will joyfully gauge the immeasurable love of our Triune God who will dwell with us forever. The love that God manifests in Jesus, is a love beyond time and space; its a love that lives eternally.

Rayshawn Graves


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