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Oct 2017

The Makers Series | Welcome

On Friday night, October 27th, join us in the Fellowship Hall of Third Church from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. for the next edition of the Makers Series. This edition will focus on the arts as a form of Welcome, and people who welcome others into creative life, as well.

The words “welcome” and “hospitality” have much in common. But where “hospitality” suggests settling-in and hanging out in comfort, “welcome” has a more transient or transparent quality: a welcome is not an end to itself, but an offer to move from outside to inside, an invitation pointing to something beyond itself. The next edition of the Makers Series looks at arts (and artists) that likewise open doors to places, communities, and stories—images, sounds and words whose aesthetic excellence is the means rather than the ultimate ends of their makers’ purposes. This art builds connections as much as (or more than) it than makes statements. In addition, each of our WELCOME guests has also created contexts for other artists to find their voices, express their gifts, and connect with fellow practitioners in their fields—another sort of creative hospitality. Photojournalist and editor Bill Bangham, Emmy-award-winning composer John Keltonic, and writer/teacher Sonja Livingston will help us see the power of the arts as invitation into new places, stories, and relationships, and ways to help us be more welcoming, ourselves.

Come hear their stories, experience their art, and ask questions as they talk. RSVP on Facebook here.

What is the Makers Series?

The signature program of MakeRVA’s collaborative outreach to and through Richmond’s arts communities, each edition of The Makers Series brings together three “makers” — a writer, a visual artist, and a musician—to discuss their history and practice as artists and believers, touching on a unifying theme. In a coffee house setting with refreshments available throughout, each guest presents for 20 minutes, followed by a moderated conversation between the three and the audience, seeking to find commonalities between each maker’s experiences and to draw out insights about faith, culture, and creativity.


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