Mar 2009

Marriage: The Call to Cultivate Pt.2


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Sermon Text:
Colossians 3:18-20; Ephesians 5:22-33

“The state of marriage is one that requires more virtue and constancy than any other… it is a perpetual exercise of mortification… from this thyme plant, in spite of the bitter nature of its juice, you may be able to draw and make the honey of a holy life.” – Francis de Sales

Reflection Points

  • Husbands, how is your leadership related to sacrifice and servanthood? Where can you improve in taking the initiative to nourish, cherish, and cultivate the character of Christ in your wife and kids? Try asking your wife where she thinks this could happen.
  • Wives, does your marriage enhance or cultivate the character of Christ in you? In what ways is your husband respectable and leading your family well? Have you told him?
  • If you are not married, how can you be preparing yourself? What needs to change about your understanding of marriage?