Global Missions Team

The Global Missions Team (GMT) exists to help oversee and lead Redemption Hill’s strategic global mission endeavors.

The GMT currently consists of to following members:

– Jake Belue
– Kris Howington
– Mike Newberger

The GMT has 5 main responsibilities relating to Redemption Hill’s strategic global mission endeavors. The GMT sends, cultivates, communicates, trains and budgets.

  • Sends
    • Identifies and sends long-term workers to the unreached
    • Identifies opportunities to engage unreached peoples in Richmond vicinity.
  • Cultivates
    • Guides those who submit requests for financial support for non-Redemption Hill endeavors
    • Encourages communities to pray during their gatherings for unreached peoples, and specifically for Redemption Hill’s focus on Central Asia
    • Leads monthly prayer gathering
  • Communicates
    • Gives regular and appropriate information on Redemption Hill’s mission efforts to the congregation.
  • Trains
    • Conducts Missions 101 training for those interested in pursuing missions.
    • Provides educational material on Muslims and Central Asian people groups from appropriate sources.
  • Budgets
    • Plans for and expends Redemption Hill that are marked for international missions endeavors, prioritizing expenditures that go toward unreached and unengaged people groups.
    • Encourages Redemption Hill members to support endeavors to the unreached through sacrificial giving.