There are three distinct ways in which you can “Go” as an international missionary from Redemption Hill. Click the tabs below to learn more about the process for each opportunity.

Long Term

There are three steps to becoming a long term global worker sent by Redemption Hill:

Step 1: Get connected. Join a community group and if you’re not a member of Redemption Hill, become one.
Step 2: Pursue assessment. Here is the assessment criteria:

  • Call—Do you have a clear and specific calling to reach an unreached people group?
  • Character—Is your life an example to other Christians? Here is a detailed list of qualifications that will be used in the assessment process. [Link to Qualification—see below]
  • Competence—Do you possess the Biblical knowledge necessary for your missionary pursuit?
  • Customs—Do you engage regularly in spiritual disciplines that sustain your soul in trying times?
  • Capability—Do you possess skills that may be required to fulfill your missionary calling (i.e. medical training, business acumen, etc.)?

You will be responsible for forming an assessment team that will assist in confirming your qualification for long term global work. The team should include:

  • A close friend who is a member of Redemption Hill (i.e., someone in your 3D group
  • Your community leader
  • Your regional elder

Step 3: With the help of Redemption Hill leadership, determine a solid ministry platform and secure the necessary support mechanisms for a life of cross-cultural ministry.

If you are interested in serving as a long term global worker sent by Redemption Hill please contact Jake Belue through the City.

Here is a list of qualifications for global workers sent by Redemption Hill.
Redemption Hill Global Workers must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  • Born again brother or sister age 18 or older.
  • Member of Redemption Hill for a minimum of 2 years (this requirement may be waived in special circumstances).
  • Meets the deacon qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3.
  • Must love Jesus with a whole heart, following Him in all facets of life and work.
  • Proven disciple maker in the area from which sent.
  • Effective at communicating the Gospel to other cultures.
  • A sense of calling, confirmed by other Christians in community, to evangelize the unreached.
  • Willing and able to gain some level of proficiency in any required foreign language.
  • Demonstrated good health, able to live and thrive where no doctors or pharmacies. Health factors will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking all available factors into consideration.
  • Not addicted to drugs, alcohol or sexual release outside a covenant marriage.
  • Proven record of faithful stewardship of talents, time and finances.
  • Humble spirit and willingness to obey leadership and serve as a member of a team.
  • Possesses an even temperament; able to function well under pressure.
  • Willing to sacrifice comforts, health and even life itself (if required) for the sake of Christ.
  • Successful completion of all required training and equipping courses.
  • Possesses the education and/or experience to support relevant creative access strategies.
  • For untouched peoples in hazardous areas, prior overseas missions experience (this requirement may be waived in special circumstances).
  • For married couples, both spouses must meet all applicable requirements and any children who would accompany them must be separately assessed in age appropriate terms.
  • Faithful in marriage.
  • Possesses sufficient theological acumen that aligns with sound biblical doctrine and submits to elder leadership and teaching on theological matters.
  • Approved by the GMT and commissioned by Redemption Hill elders.


Short Term

There are two types of short term endeavors that Redemption Hill members can be involved in:

Endeavors in an “Unreached” Context (where there is no existing church)

  • Redemption Hill prioritizes short term endeavors to people groups that are unreached and unengaged. If you would like to know more about what an “unreached” or unengaged people group is, click here.
  • The primary objective in an unreached context is to establish the church.
    The primary means to achieve the objective is sending long-term church planting teams to unreached people groups with short term workers assisting long-term teams as needed.

Endeavors in a “Reached” Context (where there is at least some presence of the church among the people group(s) being ministered to)

  • We believe that short-term trips to people groups that are reached by the Gospel often equip people to take the Gospel to people groups with no Gospel witness.
  • Redemption Hill encourages and, as appropriate, supports various international endeavors that focus on people groups that have been reached by the Gospel; however, we seek to shift the primary international focus to an increased, strategic engagement of unreached and unengaged people groups. For more about unreached and unengaged people groups, click here.
  • The primary objective in a reached context is to strengthen the existing church.
  • The primary means to achieve the objective is sending short-term mission teams to serve the church that exists among the particular people group(s).

Apply for Redemption Hill support for a short term endeavor.

Business as Mission

  • Many of the people groups that remain unreached are in areas where it is necessary to engage in full-time occupations, participate in specific humanitarian aid projects, or join in ongoing economic or community development.
  • It may be necessary to initiate certain projects that require specialized skills and knowledge.
  • If you are interested in using your medical, legal, business, technical or other skills in advancing the Gospel in an unreached context long term or short term, please contact Jake Belue through the City.