Mission FAQ

Q: What is the basic Redemption Hill philosophy about international missions?
A: International missions is not a church program or a particular Redemption Hill interest group. Consistent with Scripture, everything we do has missional intent and motivation. Specifically, every follower of Christ is responsible for obeying the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations by going, sending or praying.

Q: How does Redemption Hill decide what kind of international missions to supports?
A: The Global Missions Team (GMT) has developed a form for Redemption Hill members to apply for resources, such as financial support. Decisions are made in each case based on a number of criteria, including whether the specific mission might contribute to Redemption Hill’s strategic priorities.

Q: What are Redemption Hill’s strategic priorities?
A: Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples of all ethno-linguistic people groups (in the Greek, “panta ta ethnos”). There are hundreds of people groups that have little to no Gospel penetration. These groups are often called “the unreached.” Redemption Hill has chosen to focus primarily on a subset of unreached people groups where, to the best of our knowledge there are no believers, no church, no Scriptures, and no current engagement by any other church. Our first priority is to advance the Kingdom of Jesus and hasten his return (see Matthew 24:14) by taking the Gospel to one or more of these untouched groups. Our second priority is to support other international initiatives that can equip Redemption Hill members for future service on long term teams sent by Redemption Hill to reach untouched people groups.

Q: Who decides which people groups Redemption Hill will pursue?
A: The GMT, with other interested individuals, researches, prays and fasts for God’s guidance. The GMT trusts God to lead them to focus together on one or more groups. The GMT will then communicate with partner organizations like the IMB to explore strategic cooperation. The GMT makes recommendations to Redemption Hill pastors, who after prayer and deliberation, affirm the GMT’s direction and help to guide further steps. Further steps may include a site visits, vision trips, specific training and education endeavors for Redemption Hill members, communication to the congregation, etc.

Q: What funds are marked for endeavors to reach untouched people groups?
A: Shorty after her promotion to glory, Redemption Hill elders established the Betty Bristol Unreached People Fund, which is a fund used solely for efforts to preach the Gospel and establish churches among the least reached peoples on Earth. These funds are separate from those that are set aside for other global missions efforts in general. They are also separate from funds used for local missions.

Q: What are some factors used by the GMT in determining how much support to give in response to requests for an international missions endeavor?
A: The GMT considers prior missions training and experience, involvement and support of other Redemption Hill members, such as those in the requester’s community, the amount of financial support that has already been raised from other sources, the likelihood that the endeavor may present opportunities to engage members of unreached people groups, and the extent to which the endeavor might equip the member for future work among untouched people groups.

Q: Why is it necessary to restrict the flow of information on efforts to reach untouched people groups?
A: We must strike the balance between communicating clearly to Redemption Hill members on the one hand, and avoiding publication of details that may imprudently elevate risks to those who are on the field or are planning to deploy to a certain areas of the world. It can be frustrating to not have all of the information, but we try to share as many details as will enable the church to pray support in an effective manner. We continuously seek to expand the amount of information we can share. Ultimately, we trust God to protect those He sends as He wills, and we trust our members to treat sensitive information responsibly.

Q: How can members of Redemption Hill acquire specific training in cross-cultural missions?
A: The GMT in the past has conducted a six-session training class called Missions 101 and will have the training material in a booklet for Redemption Hill members. Training opportunities and conferences are often published on the International Missions Group on the City. Join this group if you want to get more information about specific opportunities.

Q: What can you do now to support ongoing international missions activities?
A: First, pray….for wisdom for Redemption Hill elders and the GMT as they pursue opportunities to engage unreached people groups, particularly in Central Asia. Second, seek opportunities here in Richmond to share the Gospel effectively to members of other cultures, and especially people of Muslim background. And then keep your eyes wide open for God to bring opportunities for you to serve in God’s mission to reach the nations by going to them or sending and supporting those who go.