Mission Focus

What does Redemption Hill believe about international missions?

Based on Scripture we believe that:

  1. Jesus directed His followers to make disciples of all nations on the face of the earth.
  2. Jesus will not return in glory until the Gospel is preached to all nations.
  3. Redemption Hill glorifies God by cultivating Gospel-centered, grace-driven and mission-minded people who will spread the Good News from their neighborhoods to the nations.
  4. By the shedding of His blood, Jesus purchased specific rebels from each nation, who urgently need to hear the Gospel preached.
  5. Because Jesus is not slack in keeping His promise to return in glory, Redemption Hill should engage unreached nations with a sense of urgency, knowing His patience means salvation.
  6. The leaders of Redemption Hill have the solemn duty to lead by example and teach obedience to the Great Commission.
  7. The ambition to preach Christ where He has not been named is a holy ambition that God gives to individuals in the church. Redemption Hill’s leaders should cultivate and guide such a holy ambition.
  8. Since there are about 5,000 people groups currently with little or no access to the Gospel and approximately 3,000 people groups that have yet to be engaged at all by the church, by God’s grace, Redemption Hill will play a part in decreasing that number.
  9. The darkest regions of the world should be prioritized in order to bring the light of the Gospel to places where Christ has never been preached; by most accounts, Central Asia is the darkest region on earth.