Local Efforts

rvaIt’s our intention to create tangible opportunities for people to functionally love the city of Richmond and proclaim the mercy of God to a city that is in desperate need of this truth. Part of “doing what we are” involves reflecting a love of righteousness, justice, and mercy. People who love this city and serve it with no ulterior motive and no greater reason than the fact that we have been loved by a redeeming God who has sent us to this city as His Ambassadors are the greatest hope for the city of Richmond.

Below are a few of the organizations where you’re likely to find Redemption Hill folk. However, the majority of our local efforts are initiated and run through the various Communities that gather throughout the city on a weekly basis. These Communities are reaching out to refugees, schools, the homeless, and countless other areas of Richmond.

Youth Life Foundation of Richmond | (founded originally by our very own Heather Goodlett!) The Youth Life Foundation of Richmond is committed to nurturing the child, strengthening the family, and rebuilding the community. They believe that early support for children helps to ensure their successful future. Their comprehensive after-school and full-summer program services aim to help children develop into leaders who positively influence their families and communities. One of the greatest ongoing needs they have is for more mentors for their students. To get more information and learn how you can help, click here. Their Southwood Learning Center is also housed at The Fourhundred, our campus and congregation on the Southside.

East End Pregnancy Center | The EEPC partners with local women to help them decide their options in pregnancy. They offer private consultation, counseling, classes, material support, and other community referrals in order to ensure they will be supported in the decisions they make. To donate to this worthy cause, click here. If you would like to volunteer, click here.

Richmond Justice Initiative | RJI is a Christian, faith-based organization that works with youth and youth workers to not only educate them on the lures of human trafficking, but to also equip them with the tools to safely and effectively intervene should they suspect it. To donate or volunteer for this dynamic organization, go to their website here.

RVA Cru and Tidewater Cru | Redemption Hill Church has several Cru campus ministry staff who call us home, and we’re pleased to partner with their efforts on Richmond’s campuses, as well as regionally in the Tidewater area. To learn more about how you can give to Cru’s efforts in the Richmond area, click here. For information on giving to Cru’s efforts in the Tidewater area, click here.

West End Kids Club | In the Spring of 2012, several members from Redemption Hill Church started a kids club that met at West End Presbyterian Church near Regency Square Mall. While the first few years were spent building relationships with kids and families, it has since aimed to build kids up in the knowledge of who Jesus is, and why we all need him. Each week, they serve about 25-30 kids, ages 5 through 12; and each week, they strive to preach and implant the gospel in the hearts of these kids. If you would like to volunteer, contact Joe Skolnik.

Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative | The Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI) is a thriving community of leaders, dedicated to serving Richmond in Christ’s name. Through challenging content, deep relationships, and immersive learning experiences, RCLI prepares an annual Class of emerging Christian leaders to join in God’s redemptive work across Richmond. You could be one of them! To apply for their program, or to give or volunteer, check out their website here.

Jobs for Life | The Jobs for Life program uses a biblically based curriculum, paired with a team of mentors, pastors, and business leaders, to help students discover who they are, what gifts and interests they possess, and what roadblocks they face in achieving their goals. Jobs for Life is a “soft skills” training program helping participants to gain, maintain, and thrive in employment. If you are interested in serving with with Jobs for Life as a mentor, instructor, or food provider, please fill out a JfL volunteer form here.

Richmond Center for Christian Study | The Richmond Center for Christian Study exists to bring gospel transformation by fostering serious consideration and discussion of a biblical worldview and its bearing on all of life and culture. They seek to foster serious consideration and discussion of both the content (theology) and veracity (apologetics) of a biblical worldview, and its bearing on every area of our lives (worldview) and the world we live in (culture). To stay updated on the happenings of the Study Center, click here. To give toward their efforts in reaching students for Christ, click here.

Patty’s Hope | Patty’s Hope provides practical help, hope, and healing for women whose children have been placed in foster care. They partner with local organizations and the Christian community to implement a holistic, individualized program with a focus on four areas: Safe Housing, Trauma Recovery, Life Skills, and Healthy Community. Through this trauma-focused program, Patty’s Hope aims to honor Jesus by seeing clients transformed mentally, physically, and spiritually; leading to lifelong health and stability. Their goal is for every woman whose child has been placed in foster care to have the opportunity to encounter God’s love, experience deep healing, and have a healthy relationship with their child. To learn more about how you can help, click here.

Church Hill Activities & Tutoring | CHAT’s goal is to create and sustain intentional communities that are dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk youth in Church Hill. Check out their site to learn about opportunities to serve and to discover what ongoing needs exist within this great local ministry.