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Jun 2009

Monday Musing on Sundays Sermon

Yesterday Ray was talking about how the Bible can be used for the worst purposes imaginable, like trying to get Jesus to forfeit his mission to die for sins when he was in the wilderness.  It made me think how most twisting or misuse of scripture by taking it out of context, is not a morally neutral mistake.  Most of my own misuse of scripture is actually motivated by me wanting to make much of myself, or not really wanting to repent, or wanting to make myself look great for having found a “new revelation.”

It is painfully humbling (but ultimately joyful) for us to have to bend our wills and our hearts and our egos to the objective truth of God’s word.  First of all, the very idea of having to subject ourselves to what it ACTUALLY says is hard for us to swallow.  We want to make our own reality and make it fit our desires.  Secondly, when rightly understood, the truth of the gospel usually makes us look as bad as we are and makes much of Jesus instead.  Often this too is too much for our self-seeking pride to bear.

As we look at some common misuses of scripture in the coming weeks, my prayer for me and us, is that we would check the motives of our own hearts and tremble at our own personal tendency to misuse scripture.  As we read our Bible’s this week, may we pause and ask the Holy Spirit to “grant [us] repentance leading [us] to a knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 2:25).



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