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Jun 2009

Monday Musings on Sunday’s Sermon

Facebook Friendships vs. Spiritual Friendships

I have 678 Facebook “friends,” and Iʼll tell you what I love about those friendships:  most of them are extremely shallow.  I know how bad that sounds, but itʼs true.  As long as I have a few deep and meaningful relationships in my life, I prefer to keep the rest of them shallow.  Shallow relationships donʼt require very much of me, and I like that.

Thatʼs why I usually put my guard up when I go to church and hear a message about community. In my experience, thatʼs usually “church speak” for going to social events that I donʼt really like, acting like Iʼm having a really good time, and trying to form friendships that I donʼt really want–the ones that force me to hide my true passions so that I can “connect”with people around other things.

Yesterday, though, I slowly put my guard down as Chris Deroco kept talking about “spiritual friendships.”  I want more of those.  I want more of those relationships that cause my heart to burn within me (Luke 24:32) as I talk with others about Jesus and about what the Scriptures say concerning what he has done for us.  Thatʼs what Iʼm passionate about.

Thank you Chris.  You helped me to understand why friendships that donʼt go all the way down into the passions of the heart will always remain somewhat superficial.  More importantly, you helped me to see more clearly why my friendship with my wife Heather canʼt ever be centered on temporary activities like raising our children.

God bless you my friend.




Bro. Alex Hines

June 11 2009 Reply


It is good to see God using you. Tammy, Christopher, Joshua and I are doing well. Chris will be coming to U-Turn on Friday nights and to the Summer training program.

I was blessed reading this and continue to let God use you. We will com to fellowship with you one Sunday.

May God always bless

Bro. Alex Hines

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