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Aug 2018

Move Up Sunday

Parents and Church,

As you may know, September 2 is “Move Up” Sunday at Redemption Hill. This means:

  • Rising kindergartners will join the K-1 class.
  • Rising 2nd graders will move to the 2nd-4th class (where available).
  • Rising 5th graders will join with the gathered worship in the gym/sanctuary.

As this is a day of big transitions, I wanted to 1) let you know what we’ll be doing that Sunday, 2) give you some tips to help your child make the transition more smoothly, and 3) encourage all of Redemption Hill that doesn’t have kids in these age ranges to pray for them, our teachers, and families.

Move Up Sunday Celebration

On September 2nd we will use the “Living Church” portion of the service to call all Rising Kindergartners and Rising 5th Graders to the front of the service (if your child is nervous, you can come up with them). In addition, we will call up all the teachers that teach in our preschool classes and K-4th classes.

The kids will gather in front of the teachers, facing the congregation and one of the pastors will address the younger kids, encouraging them as they start Kindergarten and join the Elementary classes, as well as thanking all the preschool teachers for loving and leading the kids. We will then give each of the rising kindergartners a small gift to help them as they grow intellectually and spiritually.

The pastor will then address the older kids, encouraging them as they join in the gathered worship with the rest of the church. He will thank the teachers that have given of their time and talent to encourage and instruct the kids. We will then give them a gift to help them grow in their spiritual development.

We will then pray for all the teachers and kids, dismissing our K-4 kids to their classes and the 5th graders back to their seats.

Note: If your rising Kindergartner or 5th grader cannot be at the service that day, please let me know so I can get him/her the gift we have.

Tips for Transition


  • Let them know about the change before Sunday morning.
  • Explain what will be different and what will be the same.
  • Let them know about the “move up celebration” we’ll be doing in front of the church.

The change from the preschool class to the K-1 class is big. While we still have lots of fun in K-1, we do not have a play time or snack time which the kids may be accustomed to. This will be the most dramatic change for your kids. My youngest child complained for an entire year about there not being a snack.

As a parent, the best thing you can do for your child is to pray for them and let them know about the upcoming change. So, before Sept 1, let the child know that they are “moving up” to the K-1 class. You can tell them that it is a lot like the class they’ve always gone to, but that it doesn’t have a play time or a snack time. You can also encourage them that a lot of their friends from their preschool class will also be moving up with them, so they’ll have lots of friends in class already.

Also, remember that your child will stay with you during the first part of the service and be dismissed before the passing of the peace, so this will be a change for them and for you.

5th Graders

  • Let them know you’re glad they are joining you in the main service on Sunday morning.
  • Get them a special notebook and help them learn to take notes.
  • Don’t expect them to be adults.
  • Engage them on the way home.

As a parent, your words and attitude will set the stage. Take time to express your excitement about your child’s growth and development and your desire for him or her to join you in the service. Knowing that you support them and are glad they are there will go a long way.

Consider buying them a special notebook for them to take sermon notes. Since many kids won’t know how to take notes, you can encourage them to draw pictures of things they hear in the sermon. Another option is to take notes yourself. When you hear something that stands out to you, write it down and show them. Encourage them to copy it or write it down also.

It is unlikely that a 5th grader will have the ability to mentally engage with a 40-minute sermon. They may doodle in their notebook. They may squirm a little. They may look bored out of their mind. But, remember, while they might not look like they are listening, they are taking in far more than we may give them credit for. They are listening to and observing all that is happening around them, especially what you’re doing.

Finally, use your car ride home to engage in a discussion around the sermon. Share with them something that impacted you and ask them if there was anything that stood out to them. If they are hesitant, ask them if there was a story or illustration they liked, thought was funny, or anything like that. Not everything has to be profound. Building the simple habit of discussing the sermon will train them to listen better because they know a question is coming on the ride home. While they may be hesitant to give any insight, by all means, share what was interesting, impactful, or important to you from the sermon.

God has given us a lot of kids in Redemption Hill. It is an honor and joy for us to be able to partner with parents in cultivating gospel-centered, grace-driven, and mission-minded kids.


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