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May 2009

Musing on the Urgency of Eternity

Growing in foolishness

This is how it seems for me.  As a parent, I am always bemoaning the overwhelming passions that my kids have for what they so desperately “need” at the moment.  Is keeping up with their online Webkinz animal in his or her “Webkinz World” (complete with fantasy house, furniture and food bought with “money” that you earn by playing games online) really that important?  Is it worth thinking about all day and then being crushed when sanity breaks in and we say, “Enough!”  (If you are not sure what Webkinz is,  you either don’t have a child over 6 years old or you live in a cave.  It is a cross between Facebook and Fantasy Football, for kids.  Check it out…)

To be honest, I go through much of my days feeling as weightless as this and Ray’s message about the Urgency of Eternity was a much needed divine “ENOUGH!”  I get so caught up with the “things” that I am doing, that I fail to feel the eternal weight, the urgency, that should inform, define and make alive every action, decision, and relationship.  Much of this foolishness, as Ray put it, comes from God, justice for sin, Jesus, and the cross, still being REAL, but not NEAR.

How do “only important” things become near?  Realize we could die in our next heartbeat?  No, that is only manipulation.  The only way the rest of our days will feel urgent is when we see them in light of eternity.  When compared with our forever existence, either with God or without Him, this life is SO short and every moment is so precious.

May God deliver us (me) from our own Webkinz foolishness and cause our light and silly hearts to be joyously heavy with the urgency of Who and what matters most.





July 28 2009 Reply

Awesome site! I am loving it!! Will come back again. Subcribing to your feeds also, Thanks.

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