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Oct 2014


As an artistic response to our sermon series on Nehemiah, resident artist and Redemption Hill Church member Renee Doorly crafted the following piece:
From the artist:

“While navigating through the book of Nehemiah, the recurring imagery of gates in the city wall described an entry point and a promise of restoration. In the last chapter of Nehemiah, verse 19 culminates when the doors of the gates are shut on the Sabbath because of the people’s disobedience. I had an emotional response of sadness to the idea that the gates to Jerusalem would ever have to be closed. In this painting, I created gates with areas of negative space, signifying that through our redeemed relationship with Jesus, the gates to God our Father are always open. The structure of this piece was also created by defining space through a textile pattern. The pattern becomes intricate and bright in places, while fading away and becoming a loose sketch in other areas. This represents the process of rebuilding and restoring God’s city and his people.”


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