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Jan 2019

New Online Giving Platform

With the start of the new year, we are rolling out a new online giving platform. You can access it here.

The new online giving platform will help us reduce expenses related to online donations, and the platform integrates with the management program that we use for event registrations and our membership database.

The new giving platform is user-friendly and you can begin using it immediately.


Giving is worship.

At Redemption Hill we see our giving as an integral part of worship. In fact, we see it as the overflow of our heart’s worship of God.

We stress that our giving should not be based on legalistic rules or efforts to win God’s approval.

We encourage our community to give generously—not meeting an arbitrary percentage, but sacrificing with the joy that comes from treasuring the news that Jesus sacrificed everything, and all that we have is His.


To foster this type of responsiveness and generosity, we want to offer accessible means by which you can give.

We also realize that most Americans don’t carry cash or checkbooks anymore. That is why on Sunday mornings we offer postage-paid envelopes, so you can take them home and drop your offering in the mailbox any day of the week.

It is also why we offer online giving, so that you can donate or set up reoccurring donations anytime you’re near a computer.

If you have any questions about the new giving platform, or giving in general, please feel free to drop Ryan Burns an email.


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