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Dec 2014

The Next Great Adventure

The church is not a building. The church is a people. People deeply loved and called out by God into a great adventure. People spanning all of time; as well as a particular people, located in cities and communities all around us, and throughout the whole world. People called to demonstrate the wisdom of God, and be a light in a dark world who proclaim the goodness of God, and look to Christ as their only hope, both now and for eternity.

By God’s grace, the people of Redemption Hill Church have had the blessed opportunity to participate in God’s plan of growing his church and making disciples the past seven years, and God has been extremely generous with us. Not only has he called us on this journey with himself, but has shown his favor on us by causing us to grow in number, as well as blessing us with a historic building in the Woodland Heights neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia.

And now the next great adventure for Redemption Hill begins! Beginning this Sunday, December 28th, Redemption Hill Church will be launching a new service at 10:00 a.m., at The Fourhundred (400 West 32nd Street). We hope you can join us on this adventure!


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