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Feb 2010

Perspective: To the Saints at Redemption Hill…

Matt & Betty Bristol Perspective can be defined as that which brings a true understanding to the relative importance of things…if there is something that we desperately need in this day and age it is perspective.

I believe that perspective is one of the greatest gifts that God gives us through the lives of others…until we lift our gaze from ourselves, how can we truly know the relative importance of things…how can we have perspective?

For months we have been praying for and with our dear friends and Redemption Hill family members, Matt and Betty Bristol. These two saints are in Houston serving as Gospel Ambassadors in the Anderson Medical community…a community that focuses on serving those with cancer. What makes this all the more humbling, is that they are there serving others with the Gospel of hope and redemption while they are fighting a cancer that has reared it’s head in Betty’s body.

Not content to be simply be treated for cancer, these two amazing people see their presence at Anderson as a mission field that they have been dispatched to by their king…King Jesus. Their capacity to trust God and serve Him fearlessly in the face of their own struggle while surrounded by a world of hurt and despair brings a perspective to my life that is desperately needed.

It’s a perspective that is needed for all of us. That is why I am so grateful that they have taken the time to write a letter, an epistle, to their friends and family here at Redemption Hill. Over the next 2 days I want to share this letter with you. I pray that it is an encouragement to you…and I pray that it helps to bring perspective.

To the saints at Redemption Hill, Richmond, USA

Grace and peace to each and all of you, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ

We are far from you in miles and time zone, but very much with you in our hearts and in the power of the Holy Spirit, who provides us the ability to live and serve in the spiritual realm, depending on God’s provision from one precious day to the next.

Our journey to Houston has now lasted over three months, and we know not how long it will last. But it has not been a burden, but thanks to God’s provision, it has been a joy and cause for continuous thanksgiving.

Never have so many all around the world been lifting us up, never have we been so blessed! We have been adopted by the saints at Kaleo, a sister church of the network of churches known as Acts 29. They have been serving the Lord for 6 years now, and look and feel very much like Redemption Hill. We have become part of a community group and meet on Thursday evenings (when we are able).

We want to encourage you all in several important respects.

First, get to know the complete Acts 29 network, study their web site, and when you travel to a place near one of their fellowships, visit and worship with them and encourage them. You are a part of a dynamic movement of God that will transform American and ultimately all western ideas about what it means to be “church.”

Second, prepare now for dealing with major spiritual attacks; they will come—the only questions are when and how. I want to commend to you a new book by our dear friend and now fellow patient at MD Anderson, Avery Willis—author of the Master Life discipleship series and a pioneer in last frontier missions. It is called “Learning to Soar: How to Grow through Transitions and Trials.” This book is designed to be used in group study, and churches across the country are starting to use it in significant ways. See

Third, use the snow school closings as a gift from God to “nudge” your community groups to the point where worshipping together like you did this past Sunday is a natural part of your DNA. And use it to draw those who regularly attend RH but who have yet to affiliate with a community group to the group that is nearest to their place of residence. These groups are the heart and soul of Redemption Hill, the places where everyone can be real and grow and minister to each other in a natural and fruitful way.

To be continued tomorrow…


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