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Nov 2009

Pray Today

Tomorrow morning, Matt and Betty Bristol are meeting with a specialist in Houston to determine if the growth that is pressing on Betty’s aorta is operable. Please continue to pray for them – for God’s powerful healing and that His Spirit would saturate them with joy and strength — that even in this, they will glorify God.

If you know Matt and Betty, you know what a rich blessing God has given to us in them. They are committed members, lead a thriving small group and mentor many younger folks that call Redemption Hill home. They lead by example – trusting Jesus in all things. For example, here are two of Matt’s journal posts from The City (our online community site).. read and see for yourself what a treasure the Bristol’s are.. then, take a moment and pray.


Matt & Betty Bristol

“Hebrews 17:13 is an important admonition that we all should take seriously as we seek to grow in spiritual maturity and faith in the context of a New Testament church like RH. It concerns how we as members and followers of Jesus can be a blessing to our pastors. Pray for them and their families. But also loo

k for ways to make their spiritual leadership a joy, daily. When they ask for some form of cooperation, grant it readily with love, as an act of ministry. When they ask us to try hard to arrive a few minutes early for worship so we can start with a fair representation of those who are planning to attend, find a way to make that happen, if it is in your power. And when techno marvels like Chris ask for us to go on The City and RSVP or respond to requests, let’s blow him over with a tsunami of joyful replies!! Finally, let’s bring in winter clothes and joyfully become active in local and global ministry, as we are enabled and empowered by our loving God. For as we have learned over six decades, when we minister to others, God uses that process to minister to us. We are a true community of faith, and it is a real blessing to be a part of that, for His Glory, forever. Amen!” 

“As Betty and I have been struggling the past few weeks, it has occurred to me that everything changes when we actually live in recognition of our true nature. We are not really human beings having a spiritual experience. No, we are made in the image of God, and as such, we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporal human experience. Our most important decision during this temporal human lifetime is whether to accept the sacrificial gift of eternal life that is ours for the asking in Christ Jesus. Then, our second most important decision is whether we will fully surrender total control over the balance of our earthly life to Jesus, to serve Him and bear fruit for His eternal Kingdom. God does not promise any of us a human life free of disease or pain; nor does He assure us that we will be healed in a physical sense. But He does promise never to leave us, ever, forever, eternally. That ought to cause each of us to count each new day as a special blessing, and look for ways we can use each day for the Kingdom. This is hard, in fact impossible when attempted in our own power. But we have the full power of God at our disposal, and it is a power that can be appropriated and applied to all of our challenges, all our doubts and all our fears. May God richly bless each of you this day!”



Evette Hicks

November 2 2009 Reply

Wow, Thanks for sharing this with us at RH. We are blessed by Matt and Betty and I am humbled by the grace of God. Matt’s words said it all.

Thank you.

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