Apr 2009

Prayer & Evangelism: Spreading the Joy of the Gospel

Colossians 4:2-6; Peter 3:15-16

In a day when religion is considered to be a very personal and private thing, evangelism is often unwelcomed and denounced as “pushy” and intrusive. However, what is evangelism, and how does the Bible say that it should be carried out?

Reflection Points

  • If you were to think of your prayers like “phone calls,” what percentage of them would be:

1) 911 calls?
2) “Can you do me a favor” calls?
3) “Just calling to say hello and thank you” calls?

  • When you think about asking God to open a door for somebody else’s message, which of his messengers first comes to your mind? Choose a time to pray for that person this week.
  • Is there any “outsider” to the Christian faith to whom you need to apologize for the fact that you spoke to him or her in a less than gracious manner? If so, may the Lord grant you the strength to display Christ-like humility to that person this time around.
  • If you would say that you are not a Christian, what has been your experience with Christians and evangelism? How has that experience shaped your view of Jesus and/or Christianity?