Nov 2009

Pride, Prejudice, & the Gospel | The Sin of Favoritism

Pride, Prejudice, & the Gospel

Sermon Audio:

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Sermon Text:
James 2:1-4; John 9:13-16

“11:00 on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

Reflection Points

  • In your opinion, where does prejudice seem strongest in the church? (race, class, politics, etc)?
  • Where do you feel you are most prejudiced? Who, for you, is guilty until proven innocent?
  • How do you suppose the non-Christian world views a church that is unable to display unity across ethnic, economic, or political lines? (If you are not a Christian, please state how you personally view such a church)?
  • How does considering the surpassing glory of Jesus help you to stay away from favoritism?