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Apr 2014

Psalm 126:1-6 | Spoken Word

Spoken Word Audio:

This spoken word piece on “Psalm 126:1-6” was written by Derek Porter and recited at Redemption Hill Church on Sunday, March 30, 2014.

Psalm 126:1-6

I think I forgot what I’m supposed to say
I think I forgot how I’m supposed to pray
I think I forgot how Jesus paved the way
For sinners like us to be saved by grace

Through faith
Salvation’s song for me
The cadence of the Greatest
In human history

The greatest often debated
Indisputable reality
The God-man removing sin
In impossible mortality

To reveal His immortality
The Ruler of principalities
Turning our captivity
To fortune and nobility

And Jesus did it willingly
In fact He’s done the greatest things
Making me his son
When I’d rather be an enemy

Turning temporary tears
Into joy for eternity
‘cause godly sorrow Sown to the Spirit
Is my vitality

Repentance for immorality
Through vexation at the cross
Baffled by brutality
But His atonement is enough

Wearing my weak weepings
Obedient through the shame
Yet how quickly we deny Him
And turn our eyes away

Our mouths were filled with joy
Our tongues with songs of laughter
When we first heard the Gospel
But forgot it soon after

It was said among the nations
The Lord is on their side
Yet we stumble & start sinking
When the winds of doubt arise

We clinch our piddling fist
And shake it at the heavens
Instead of trusting God
To receive a little leaven

We whisper words of whining
Because we’re anxious in our fear
Constantly complaining
Thinking God will never hear

Yet hoping He’d interfere
And prove His deep compassion
Yet this He has done in full
With an all-consuming passion

Thus we look to the passion
Where He restored our heavenly fortunes
Like rivers in the desert
Or bread before the orphan

This is a psalm for the pilgrims
On the darkest of nights
Who’ve never see a Christen Bale
Before the morning alights

The faithful life in Christ
Includes much earthly sorrow
Though we sow in tears today
We reap in joy tomorrow


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