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Feb 2010

Pt. 2: To the Saints at Redemption Hill

Matt & Betty BristolThis is the continuation of Matt and Betty’s wonderful letter of encouragement to us…

Third, use the snow school closings as a gift from God to “nudge” your community groups to the point where worshipping together like you did this past Sunday is a natural part of your DNA. And use it to draw those who regularly attend RH but who have yet to affiliate with a community group to the group that is nearest to their place of residence. These groups are the heart and soul of Redemption Hill, the places where everyone can be real and grow and minister to each other in a natural and fruitful way.

Finally, we want to share that our group at Kaleo has a wonderful ministry to a local homeless shelter, and are part of their family. Once a month the meeting takes place at the site of the shelter and involved their residents. It is amazing to see what God does! There are actually three ways these groups can help grow the church and each member.

Every group at RH should pray about at least one group ministry to needy people in the community; second, subgroups of two or three should come together to form accountability groups to meet weekly, study Scripture and support each other by prayer and confidential exchanges that focus on specific areas of weakness and temptation and seek to hold each other accountable; and finally, each member should be learning how to disciple others, and then actually doing it as a natural element of the Christian walk.

If you do not know how to disciple others, get the Master Life course materials and go through them with a small group of RH members and friends. Or review some of the excellent materials published by the Navigators.

In conclusion, we cherish your prayers and are staying very connected with you all through the church web sites. We may not regularly be making entries on the community site, but rest assured we review it frequently, and do not perceive ourselves as separated from you in Jesus. And that is the only way that counts!

There will be more storms, both physical and spiritual. There will be more lost jobs, more serious illnesses, more heartache as we live and serve God in this fallen world—in the midst of a fierce spiritual battle. But we all have Jesus, and we have each other as dear brothers and sisters in Christ. The best remedy for dealing with life’s challenges is to focus on meeting the needs of others and then watch as God provides for your own needs in ways that glorify Him and lead others to His Throne!

Pray for your pastors, and grow in ministry gifts in ways that will enable you to carry some of their burdens and thus multiply the Kingdom impact of Redemption Hill.

We do not know the path that lies ahead of us. And we are content not to know. That is our path of faith and trust. We expect God to do with and through us all that He wills and to do it to advance His purposes and glorify Himself among all peoples. We hope and pray that this will include our continued ministry on this side of eternity, but we are ready to go to the other side whenever He wishes.

Beloved, pray for us, and that God would use us here to advance His Kingdom.

Greet all the brothers and sisters for and from us.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, now and forever.

Galatians 2:20


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