May 2009

Pursuing the Depths of Community


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“We are often filled (and thus blinded) with a sense of our own goodness, such that, genuine community remains elusive. Self-righteousness and self-sufficiency disables our love to others and painfully robs us of any sense of community. If we would simply gain a better understanding of sinfulness of our own hearts and how it is bent on evil in light of God’s majesty… we would start to be more willing to move out toward others with encouragement, patience, and a helping hand. The better we think we are, the smaller our heart becomes.”

– J.W. Hendryx

Reflection Points

  • Have you become satisfied with the depth of your spiritual friendships? What is hindering your pursuit of them?
  • Have you refused the grace of God that awaits us in the confession (ownership) of our sin to others? Why?
  • How much does your heart burn when you hear the gospel? How should you respond?