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Sep 2009

Redemption Hill Review / September 09

Here’s my first post written specifically for the Friends of Redemption Hill.  I invite you to take a few minutes to see what’s been happening.  I think I speak for Robert and Raymond, the other pastors, that 2009 has been the fastest year of our lives.

New People… In spite of doing no marketing to speak of since we began in January of 08, we have had new people visit every Sunday.  When I get to ask, “So what brought you here?”  One of the most common responses is, “A friend told me….”  And that is really the way its been.  As with all over the world, the good news about our redemption in Christ has caused people to be made alive to God and alive to others and then they bring others to hear that good news. When you look through our preaching series, you’ll see one consistent theme: the riches of gospel.  Though there are many applications, there is this one message.  And apparently people both in the church and out are starved for it.

A young man named Jason walked into Holton Elementary where we meet on Sundays.  Within several minutes he shared with me that he had not been part of a church or any Christian fellowship since he joined the military 4 years ago.  He felt defeated and really needy. Making his way to Redemption Hill that morning was the beginning of his cry for help.  I assured him that the people in the room he was about to walk into were no different from him: we all need Jesus.  This past week after the service I spoke with Jason and a friend of his that he brought along.  This military guy teared up as he told me how much the hymn we had just sung, “Before the Throne”, meant to him.  Particularly these words:

When Satan tempts me to despair,
and tells me of the guilt within,
upward I look and see Him there
Who made an end to all my sin.

One thing that many people have come to realize about this new church is that there is a tangible sense of our need for Christ.  We need his righteousness, his grace, his mercy: his redemption.  It comes across in our Sunday service, our interactions, and small group communities.

When I came on staff almost a year ago, it was with a deep sense of the weakness in myself AND the strength and power of gospel.  Now, after 11 months, 150 more people in attendance and all the work that goes with it, that sense has  not changed.  God is using our weakness and his strength to build his church by redeeming men, women and children throughout the Richmond area.

There are many many stories like Jason’s that I could tell and will be relaying to you in the coming months.  I want to continue to communicate our gratitude for your support of the gospel here in the city of Richmond and how God is using you through your prayers and gifts.  Redemption Hill and my part in it would not be possible without them.

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