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May 2010

Reflection Guide – Ecclesiastes 9:1-18

DOWNLOAD: Reflection guide Ecc 9.1-18

Our culture frowns upon contemplating our upcoming death.  But all the expert means we employ to ignore this fact do not delay or minimize the reality that our physical lives will end.

But honestly I too want to avoid reality. I really am 38 years old.  I am no longer 21.  A torn ACL in my right knee and multiple recent visits to the doctor have really brought this home.  (I don’t bring this up to complain, relative to others, I have nothing to complain about and I have NO problems.)  I have realized through this process how much I have idolized my youth and oftentimes feel like my life is slipping away from me.  And my natural reaction is to get very somber and severe.

But listening to the sermon this Sunday I was really encouraged by contemplating the sovereignty and mercy of God.  My short vain life is in God’s hands and because of his mercy I can live life boldly coram deo without shame.  So instead of turning inward and downward to contemplate the depressing nature of death, because of the gospel we can learn to smile outward and upward!

As you reflect on this week’s message my you find renewed courage to in light of redemption and death to do with all your might whatever you hand finds to do! (Ecc 9:10)


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