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Apr 2010

Reflection on “The Illusion of Affluence” Ecc 5:10 – 6:9

DOWNLOAD: Reflection Guide The Illusion of Affluence Ecc 5:10-6:9

I don’t consider myself an affluent person.  But this does not inoculate me against the fatal disease of affluenza:

affluenza, n. a painful, socially transmitted condition of over-load, debt, anxiety, and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.

And I also don’t realize how deadly this disease is.  Do we see that our misplaced confidence in stuff and what it affords us as deadly? If we did we would fight to fix our affections and motivation in Christ with even more tenacity and persistency than we would fight cancer.  I pray that the scales fall off our eyes and are hearts soften up to see affluenza as the fatal disease that it is, and stop treating it like the common cold that can be ignored and will eventually go away with no harmful side affects.  May God use this sermon and this guide to do this for us.



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