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Oct 2009

Redemption Hill Review – November 2009

Friends of Redemption Hill,

Please take a moment to read Katy’s story.  She attended Sunday school as a child but in college affirmed that there were many paths to God.  Her last 10 years have been full of confusion, abusive relationships, and despair. Recently, she met a young man that’s been at Redemption Hill for a couple months.

…three weeks ago I was running with a new soldier in my platoon.  I remember the exact spot on the stretch of road we were running when he mentioned to me the name of Christ.  I remember because it shook me inside.  In that dark and quiet place inside me it felt like an earthquake, and I became aware of how dark it was. How sad I was to realize how accustomed I had come with darkness.

She recounted her experience to me a few weeks ago and it stopped me in my tracks.  It was what Paul wrote to the church in Corinth,“For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the powerof God.” Katy said that she does not ever remember hearing the name of Jesus before this conversation.  Here’s her own words about what’s happened since.

Since I came to church three weeks ago, I am amazed at what changes God has been making in my life.  Not even two months ago I was fearful to even try to talk to God, weary of His anger and judgment.  Now He has blessed me with the desire to talk to Him.  So I do!  I realize as I read the Bible again after so many years away that there is much I do not know.  In fact, what I do know feels so small it could fit in my hand.  But the good news is that little handful holds in it the truth that Christ died for me, that I may be forgiven and set free from the debt accrued by my life of sin.

…her experience with body of Christ.

For the first time in my life, my heart is at peace with wherever God may ask me to go and whatever He may ask me to do, just as I am at peace with Him having me stay where I am.  I can not express how I have benefit ed and enjoyed my visits to your church and how at home I have felt with the members of it who have befriended me.

…her new freedom in Christ.

Wow.  How can I tell you?  How can I share with you what God has done for me?  The emptiness in my heart has been filled.  The dark places inside are now filled with light.  The chains of lies that kept me captive have one by one crumbled into dust and now my heart is free.  I am in want or need of nothing.  I never knew God would ever bless me so well to have this opportunity to see so clearly the nature of who He is, His love for me, and the heart He has for the lost.  May I die to myself everyday, for nothing do I wish more than to be His hands and feet that I may be used to glorify Him.

I hope your own heart sings as mine does to read Katy’s own words about Jesus.   Know that your gifts and prayers for Redemption Hill make declaration of the”word of the cross” possible in our corner of the Richmond, VA.  I am so grateful for each of you and what you have meant to me and the family over the years.  Please let us know how things are in your corner of the world and how we could be praying for you as well.

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Adrian Clark

November 4 2009 Reply

A powerful testimony that lifted my heart and caused me to praise our Lord and Saviour, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ!

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