Aug 2009

A Generous Heart

Riches: Redefined

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Sermon Text:
2 Corinthians 8:1-9; 9:6-7

“If we do not give away our money in remarkable proportions, we have not grasped (or we are not currently remembering) Christ’s generosity in saving us…You will always give effortlessly to…those things which give your life meaning.  If [that is] Jesus…your money flows easily into his work.  If, however, your real religion is your appearance or your social status or personal comfort or pleasure, your money flows most easily into those items and symbols.”

– Tim Keller

Reflection Points

  • What has captured your heart more than Jesus?
  • Are you willing for God to displace those things with a new affection for him? If not, why?
  • Consider how you give regularly, sacrificially, or cheerfully to anything or anyone that you love.  How does this compare to your generosity toward others in need?  How does this compare to your giving to support the work of the gospel?
  • What changes should be made, if any, as you look to grow in grace-driven generosity?