Jun 2009

Romans 10:9 (In Context)

Context vs. Conjecture

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Romans 10:9

At first glance, Romans 10:9 looks like a recipe for salvation. But what does the rest of the Bible have to say about the way in which people are “saved”? How do people actually become children of God? We’ll learn the answer to that today as we examine Romans 10:9 in context.

Reflection Points

  • What “effects” have you noticed in your own life as a result of the Spirit blowing in your direction? Would you say that you have been “born again”?
  • Nicodemus took his questions to Jesus. If you could speak privately with Jesus, what are some of the questions that you would ask him?
  • If you would say that you have never been “born again”, why not “call upon the Lord” right now?