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Jun 2010

Sermon Reflection Guide – The Spirit and His Gifts – Part 1

DOWNLOAD: Reflection Guide – 1 Cor 12, The Spirit and His Gifts, Part 1

The gospel is always the issue.  Nowhere is that seen more clearly than in Paul’s letters to the church in Corinth.  Whether its division over a favorite leader, not dealing well with heinous sin, doctrinal error, or misunderstandings about the various gifts of the Spirit – the core issue is knowledge and belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus.  As we begin our study of the various gifts of the Spirit and how we as Redemption Hill understand them, it is essential to be reminded of this.  Functionally, I have tended to separate the work of Christ and the work of the Spirit, seeing them as two separate things and emphasizing one to the diminishing of the other.  Yet, as we studied this Sunday, 1 Cor 12:3 says that the first and most unifying work of the Spirit is to reveal Christ to them as Lord.  With this past Sunday and the weeks to come, may we appreciate more and more how God in three persons works together for our redemption and the blessing of the whole world!


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