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Jun 2010

Sermon Reflection – Watching Life and Doctrine

DOWNLOAD: Reflection Guide Ecc & 1Tim 4.16

Many men live in the dark to themselves all their days; whatever else they know, they know not themselves. They know their outward estates, how rich they are, and the condition of their bodies as to health and sickness they are careful to  examine; but as to their inward man, and their principles as to God and eternity, they know little or nothing of themselves.

– John Owen

This sermon offers a very practical and extremely helpful strategy to know the extent of our foolishness and to follow Paul’s exhortation to “keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching.”  It is through the “discerning eyes of our friends on our hearts” that we begin to see and can embrace the riches of the gospel to experience real change.  May we see the danger of the self-deception of sin and run to Christ through the confession of our sins to others.


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