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Jan 2019

Show Them Jesus Conference

On Friday March 8th, and Saturday, March 9th, Redemption Hill Church will be sponsoring the Show Them Jesus Conference | Teaching the Gospel to Kids. Our featured guest will be speaker and author Jack Klumpehhower.

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If they were honest, many kids in Christian homes and churches would say they find Jesus somewhat boring. But what if you could help them see something new and stunning about Jesus every time you taught a Bible story, led a study, or opened the Bible with your children? Show Them Jesus will help you take kids beyond the bland and show them how amazing Jesus really is — as a person, a Savior, and a daily Lord and Friend.

During this conference, you’ll learn to…

  • Trace a path from any Old Testament story to the gospel of Jesus.
  • See details in the Bible’s accounts of Jesus that you would otherwise overlook.
  • Keep the gospel full and fresh by teaching many aspects from multiple angles.
  • Build up kids’ confidence based on who they are in Christ rather than their performance.
  • Give kids multiple motivations (all based on Jesus!) for obeying God.
  • Show them Jesus not just by what you say but also by how you teach, act, and parent.


Who Should Attend?

The elders of Redemption Hill Church would love for all the teachers connected to RH Kids at both congregations to attend this conference. In addition, everyone at Redemption Hill Church interested in learning more about sharing the good news of Jesus with kids is invited and encouraged to attend. This includes you. Yes, you should attend.

Speaker Bio

Jack Klumpenhower is an author and editor whose works include the best-selling book, Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids. He teaches children about Jesus at churches, camps, clubs, Christian schools, and conferences worldwide. His Bible lessons emphasize the gospel of Jesus—the good news of salvation from sin through faith in Christ.

Additional Details

Due to the length of the conference, no childcare will be provided. If lack of childcare would hinder you from attending, please email Ryan, and we can work to assist you.

A free lunch will be provided on Saturday (details forthcoming). Doughnuts and Coffee will be available Saturday morning. We’ll have some breakout sessions on Saturday afternoon.

Stay tuned, more details coming soon…

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