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Dec 2009

So Thankful for Men

The United States has over 1.3 million child care teachers.  Of those, only 4% are men.  In our Redemption Hill Kids classes on Sunday mornings, 30 out of 70 of our teachers are men.

Nationwide, most children’s ministries- like other positions teaching children- are staffed primarily by women.  In fact, many children can grow up without having any regular interaction with a male figure outside the home except a principal.

That’s why I’m so thankful that RH Kids has lots of volunteers who are guys.  And I don’t mean the kind who pick daisies and tiptoe through the tulips (though we’ll welcome volunteers like that if they love Jesus and pass their application and background check.)  I mean the tough masculine types like those pictured below.

Mark, Brad, Justin, Christian, and Jeremiah contemplate children's ministry

Mark, Brad, Justin, Christian, and Jeremiah contemplate children's ministry

Men like Christian Hayes who taught our kids this past week about King Saul’s faithless sacrifice before his battle with the Philistines.  (“He did it because he was scared, not because he was doing it for God,” recalls my six-year old.)  Or Tom Hanrahan, who is more likely to have kids doing jumping jacks than dancing during worship.  Or the K-3 teachers who sometimes forget to have the kids cut-and-color but (in my daughter’s words) play “millions of games.”

I trust that our kids are getting solid Biblical teaching from the men and women who volunteer in RH Kids.  I appreciate that.  But I love that 43% of our teachers are exposing them to a broader spectrum of the character of God than women could do alone.  Thank God for the men!


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